The Kelliher Economics Foundation was set up by the late Sir Henry J Kelliher in 1965 to advance knowledge of Economics to the wider community.  Through to the end of 2018 the Foundation has offered financial support to school students wishing to undertake Undergraduate Economics degrees at New Zealand Universities.

The Trustees of the Foundation have reviewed the current funding model, addressing how best to meet the Settlor’s objectives.  With this in mind, it has been decided to shift our focus to post graduate studies and accordingly, undergraduate scholarships will not be offered from 2019 onwards.

There are a number of advanced study initiatives Trustees are considering to meet the Foundation’s mandate, including continued support to Postgraduate scholars and investigating higher thinking funding for University and other research groups.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank those schools which have supported students to apply for the Kelliher Economics Foundation scholarship.  We have a large alumni which have achieved the Foundation’s objectives, as a result of fulfilling the scholarship and we will continue to follow these individual successes with interest.