The Kelliher Charitable Trust was established in 1963 by Sir Henry Kelliher, “all New Zealanders should have access to reasonable living standards, education and health, given the opportunities life in New Zealand offers”.

The legacy to provide meaningful and focused financial support in a range of philanthropic activities including caring, welfare, youth and education, heritage, the arts, religion and research, remains central to the objectives of the Trust.

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Kelliher Economics Foundation

Sir Henry Kelliher was appointed to the Board of the Bank of New Zealand in 1938 and was a strong advocate for a balanced money supply. Economics, and a wider understanding of money and banking, motivated Sir Henry to establish the Kelliher Economics Foundation in 1964 originally, in the form of an essay competition.

The competition’s aims were “to encourage young New Zealanders to study the working and effects of the monetary and economic system under which they live and in particular to understand the Reserve Bank’s role in achieving and maintaining a stable level of prices”.


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The Kelliher Art Trust

The Kelliher Art Trust holds a unique collection of New Zealand paintings of which the majority are landscapes. Most of them one prizes or awards in the Kelliher Art Competition and purchased by Sir Henry Kelliher.

Subsequently the collection has been augmented by the purchase of more recent landscapes by established New Zealand artists. In addition, the Trust annually commissions New Zealand landscape paintings from younger contemporary artists.

From time to time the Trust organises exhibitions of paintings from the collection which tour New Zealand art museums.

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