Today the Trust provides funding for a wide range of activities including caring, welfare, youth and education, heritage and culture, the arts, and research, remain central to the trust.
The Trust supports specific projects and grants which have defined, measurable outcomes.
The recipients of grants in the 2018-2019 March granting round were as follows:

  • The HOPE Foundation; ageing research scholarships
  • Auckland Medical Research Foundation; research awards
  • Auckland War Memorial Museum; History of Craft digitisation
  • Hospice West Auckland; capital items
  • Heart Foundation; resource publication
  • Auckland Coastguard; capital items
  • Auckland Health Foundation; capital items
  • Rural Youth & Adult Literacy Trust; book purchases
  • Canterbury West Coast Air Rescue; capital items
  • Documentary New Zealand Trust; Doc Edge Goldies programme
  • Paralympics New Zealand; equipment purchases
  • Onehunga High School; student vision glasses

Applications are received throughout the year. These are carefully assessed to ensure they meet the Trust’s criteria. Qualifying applications are presented monthly to Trustees for initial discussion and are held for final consideration at six monthly granting rounds.

Prior to submissions, applications are encouraged to liaise with the Trust Manager,, to ensure your application provides all the necessary information and, in turn, the Trust can provide you with extra information you may require.

The trust has established an art gallery to which it makes available for charities for their fundraising activities. Guests have the opportunity to view an exhibition of the Kelliher Art Trust collection, which is not generally open to the public. Examples of charities which have raised funds at our gallery are, Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra, Auckland Medical Research Foundation, Hospices, and Mobility Dogs.

In order to be considered for this opportunity contact the Trust Manager,